Friday, January 28, 2011

I Am Not a Writer - Part 1

One of the most common comments I hear regarding writing a book is this: "I have this idea for a book.... but I Am Not a Writer."

I am amazed at the number of people with book ideas running around their brains. Eight out of 10 Americans want to write a book, according to the Jenkins Group. That's a lot of people! Likely only a small majority would actually consider themselves writers. Even fewer boast writing as their actual profession.
To see if you are a writer or not, take my lovely quiz (this quiz is not endorsed by the quiz-making people of the universe).

Answer True or False:

Writing doesn't come naturally to me.

I hate grammar.
When I sit down to write, my brain turns off.
The thought of writing gives me a headache.
I'd rather speak my thoughts than write them.
Hiring a Ghost Writer might be a good idea.
My paper is due tomorrow, and I can't even write one word.

If you answered True to most of these, you are probably not a writer. And that's ok, because there are writers and editors out there who can help you. It's their job. YOUR job is to come up with the concept.

More on that later.

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