Thursday, March 8, 2012

One Tip To Test Your Plot

In your head, your plot makes sense.

But how do you know if it will resonate with readers?

One Tip: Write Chapter Summaries.

Make a list of all of your chapters and then write up brief summaries (1-2 sentences) of what each chapter is about. During the exercise, a few things might happen:

1. You might decide that certain things aren't really needed in the story.
2. You might notice that certain scenes are out of order.
3. You might notice that key things that are missing from the story.

Not only will this be good for you (the author), but it is great for your editor as well. When you send your manuscript to your editor, send along the chapter summaries as well.

As an editor, I can tell you from personal experience that this is very helpful. I am editing a manuscript, and currently I am working on one particular chapter that is difficult to understand. I've referred to the chapter summary more than once to keep my edits focused on what the author is trying to accomplish.

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