Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cross Promotion and Partnership

I fixed up some tacos for me and my kids for lunch today. Lunch--the elusive time of day when toddlers whine for food, and my mind goes blank. I plan for dinner, but why not lunch? But that is a post for another time...

Back to tacos. I pulled out the Ortega taco box and saw something interesting.

Do you see it?

Right there in the corner. Yep, fish. But not just any fish--a specific brand of fish that Ortega has partnered with. The little blurb even includes a website for this company right on the Ortega box, directing the consumer towards recipes on fish tacos.

How do I feel about fish tacos? The thought of them disturbs me. But I suppose I should actually try them before making a final judgment.

How do I feel about cross promotion and partnerships? Seems like a sweet deal to me.

This can translate well into the book publishing industry. If you have a book in mind, whether you are in the writing stage or it is already published--consider cross promotion and partnerships. Businesses do it all the time, and so should authors.

In the case of fish tacos--there are already people buying tacos, and maybe they hadn't thought of using fish. Now the fish people have a way to get into that market fairly easily by partnering with them.

Think about your book. What is is about? Is there anything in it that could lend itself to cross promotion or partnerships? Let's say your book is inspiring stories about women; you could partner with a number of women's groups. If your book was about parenting, ideally a partnership with Fisher Price or Disney would help your book, but more realistically you could find a company or group that already reaches out to parents, which would be your ideal audience.

What about a fiction novel? That can be harder, but don't give up. What are the main character's hobbies, job, beliefs, etc? Dig deep and see what you can find.

The benefits could be endless. If you can find a group that already caters to a large portion of your target audience, it is a great way to reach them. But even if you are only able to partner with a portion of your target audience (for the fish people, I imagine anyone who eats is their target, but people who buy tacos are only a portion), it can still be beneficial, for you and the partnering group.

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