Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Than vs Then

English is such a funny language.

We borrow words from other languages, we combine two words to make one, and in a pinch we even make up words.

You'd think we could avoid words that sound so similar, they are often mistaken for the other. {Sigh}

Today we are going to cover Than vs Then. Not as commonly misused as Its vs It's, but still high on the list.

THAN is used for comparing. So just remember THAN with an A is used to COMPARE.

Example: Bob is smarter than Bill.

THEN has many more uses. Like if you do this, then this will happen; as a point in time, like then we will go to the movies; and also or adding to, like you take on tire, then another, then another.

Examples: If you eat too much, then you will feel sick.
Let's go to the store, then we can head home.
I want to pack those red socks, then those blue ones.

Does that make sense?

QUIZ TIME! Which usages are correct?

1. Please pass the peas, than hand me the rolls.
2. Please pass the peas, then hand me the rolls.

3. I like my hair now better than before.
4. I like my hair now better then before.

5. First we will go to bed, than we will get up.
6. First we will go to bed, then we will get up.

7. If you get too close to the edge than you will fall!
8. If you get too close to the edge then you will fall!

Leave your answers in the comments.

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  1. I'll type the numbers that are correct 2 3 6 8 If I get any wrong THAN I will be embarrassed.